Yoga Supper Club


Last Thursday myself and a group of friends went to a Yoga Supper Club held by Kelly (aka @goodyogalifeuk) and her awesome team. We got there, and by there I mean this ridiculously amazing open-plan loft flat where the yoga class and supper were held.


We started off by getting settled on our mats and Kelly led a great yoga class that focused not only on strength and stretching, but also got our hearts racing a bit as we were able to practice our handstands (or lack of), I love yoga classes where the teacher throws in some fun and different elements, and Kelly did not disappoint. We also did some partner exercises, such as a partnered navasana (boat post) which was a really good laugh and meant that we got stretched a bit more than usual as you had a partner to help you really lengthen into the stretches.


After the yoga class, we got off our mats and moved to the table where we were served a ridiculously delicious three course, vegan and wheat-free meal prepared by Mama Says Eat. For our starter we had a seaweed broth infused with shiitake, our main was supper vegetable carpaccio with spicy sesame and miso noodles and for dessert tiers of the most incredible peanut butter cookies where brought around to our tables and we were encouraged to take a handful (I feel like I proudly paved the way in taking three from the get go and then getting two more later on, no shame here!). Also on offer was prosecco, white or red wine, or for those of us who chose not to drink (me for example, I know party pooper), we were offered some sparkling grape and green tea infused water which was pretty amazing to be honest!


The entire evening was so fun and Kelly is definitely one of my new favourite teachers, she has a very chilled out and relaxed approach to teaching, whilst also wanting you to have fun and get the most out of the class in a productive way.


I would wholeheartedly recommend going to a Yoga Supper Club if you get the opportunity, whether you treat yourself and just go by yourself, with a group of friends, with your mum, or even with your partner, it is such a good experience and I can’t wait to go to another one! They’re £40 from Funzing, this includes the class, the three course meal, a pretty awesome goodie bag with some treats inside and also of course an all around lovely experience! Thank you Kelly and co!

For more info check out Kelly’s website or the Yoga Supper Club on Facebook here!

Also my friend Sabi posted a review recently, check it out here, happy reading!

*All photos are either mine or the property of Yoga Supper Club

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