Why We Need to Stop with this ‘Detox Tea’ Crap



Ok guys, time to get brutally honest here, let’s cut this ‘detox’ ‘weightloss’ ‘teatox’ bullshit please! We’ve probably all heard of them, many of us have probably read the amazing reviews online saying how well they worked, and we’ve also probably seen the people on social media advertising saying how they ‘always start their morning with a cup of skinny tea’.


Shall I tell you why these teas seemingly work? Their main ingredient is senna leaf. Let me tell you about senna, I just received my post-surgery medication sheet, that tells me what I’ve been prescribed, how often I need to take each drug, how much to take, and what it’s for. And senna is on the list, to treat constipation. Sorry if this is TMI, but we all use the bathroom, so let’s just get over that for a moment. Senna is prescribed to patients who are constipated, and this is what these companies are putting in their teas. Sure the ‘daytime’ teas are innocent enough, but you’re paying an extortionate amount for them, and then the ‘night-time’ teas, or sometimes dubbed the ‘colon’ teas, that you take every other night, are literally a laxative and nothing else.


Whilst they may make you feel nice and ‘cleansed’ the reality is, senna is a product that irritates the lining of your bowels and literally makes you excrete everything out. The reason you’re feeling slimmer and ‘detoxed’ is because your body is being forced to get rid of what it’s digesting, the feeling is akin to what you go through when you have diarrhoea… (to be honest this is exactly what your body is going through, as anyone who has tried the teas will probably tell you!) It’s also worth noting that you’re advised not to use senna in the long-term by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), yet these so called ‘teatox’ companies advise you do these for up to one month! Another point worth mentioning is how misleading the websites for these companies are; I spent a good 10 minutes today searching for a list of the ingredients on one well known detox tea’s website, whilst another brand lists some of their health benefits as ‘detoxing your internal organs’ which seems pretty vague to me… which organs to be exact? And also states that all their ingredients are natural… well arsenic is natural, but I sure wouldn’t want it in my tea!


I have tried these detox teas in the past, before I knew what they were really about, and sure you seem to lose weight, but you also experience cramping, you literally do get the shits (TMI again but whatever) and also if you take the contraceptive pill you have to take extra protection when drinking these teas, because you risk not digesting the pill and just excreting it… just like if you were sick with a stomach bug. There is also the issue that users of these teas become dependent on them, as long-term use of senna does lead to a weakness of the colon as well as dependence on the ingredient. Obviously this is even better for the ‘teatox’ companies, as it means people will buy more and more.


I see many many girls advertising these teas on social media, and the truth is they get approached by these companies, and can earn commission through their discount codes that they give out, so it’s quite an attractive deal for a lot of people who are learning to surf the social media influencer wave. I previously worked with a tea company myself, I never tried or agreed to advertise their ‘detox’ tea, but I still felt like a fraud for even helping promote a company that actually sold such a thing. Needless to say I stopped working with them a long time ago, but I can see it from both points of view. If you see a celebrity you follow or even just an inspirational fitness girl posting about these, the chances are they’re getting paid to do so, or there is some sort of money incentive for them. Trust me it’s easy to get sucked in by these companies, so don’t judge too harshly, but also don’t be persuaded by these people on social media just because they’re posting about it and praising it.


In reality our body has its own amazing way of detoxing itself, and this method is called the lungs, skin, kidneys and liver. So drop the detox teas, don’t do any unnecessary harm to your body, eat a healthy balanced diet, keep active and fit, work hard and you will get there!

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