Ethos Restaurant, Oxford Circus

Whilst Ethos is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, this doesn’t mean that only non-meat eaters will enjoy going here. I myself am a meat eater, yet I LOVE Ethos. With an increasing demand for dining experiences that are friendly to people who have the less conventional diets, Ethos hits the nail bang on the head, the meat-free food options are delicious but this isn’t all that is great about Ethos.

The restaurant itself is spacious, bright and has an almost Scandinavian feel to the décor. With trees rising from the ground right in the middle of the restaurant, and low hanging oversized lightbulbs, the style is really unique, and this only highlights Ethos and its ethos (sorry couldn’t resist the pun!), as a restaurant that is different from the rest. Not only is Ethos a totally meat-free eatery, it’s also a buffet. And the options are numerous and delicious. There’s something for everyone, cold dishes, hot dishes, there’s honestly such a vast selection available! To start with my friend Sabi and I shared a grilled halloumi dish and some mushroom arancini, and we each had an “Energy” berry smoothie. Ethos has a good selection of drinks available, from smoothies to coconut water to cocktails, mocktails and wine.

Not only is there the vast array of incredible dishes available that you go up to and help yourself to, then proceed to go and get your plate weighed, there’s also a brunch menu that offers a wide variety of options such as kale and sweet potato hash, egg dishes, porridge or avocado on toast. In the afternoons you can enjoy afternoon tea, where you can get vegan, veggie and gluten free options for £20 per head. I am really keen to try this out!

After Sabi and I had piled our plates with delicious mains, and after we’d stuffed out faces, we went in for round three, aka dessert. There was a lot of desserts to choose from, and a lovely waitress was at the ready to help us choose what we wanted, I went for a chocolate brownie and a piece of millionaire’s shortcake (I’m addicted to chocolate FYI) whilst Sabi had a oatmeal, raisin and coconut cookie. The staff were so lovely and attentive, making sure everything was OK, and when I rocked up in my leg brace, they made sure I would be comfortable wherever I was sat. It wasn’t overly busy at 7pm, which is always nice, and not that common with places like this in London. It’s tucked away, one street away from Oxford Street, so it’s very easy to get to but you escape the usual business of the area.

Check out their website here, and if you’re looking for a different dining experience in London, yet want to stay healthy, I think this is your best bet!

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