My Favourite Places to Eat in London

Having lived in London for almost a whole year (the fastest year I have lived through for sure so far!) I have managed to try out a lot of foodie places, most of which offer options for those of us who are ‘health’ conscious. I get asked quite a lot about some of my favourite places to eat, or if there’s anywhere I would recommend, so I have decided to compile together my favourite 5 (so far) into a handy little blog post for anyone who lives/is visiting London and wants some recommendations, so in no particular order, let’s begin.

1. Granger & Co.

I actually took a friend here for brunch yesterday, I’ve been there before, but I had forgotten how much I really love this place! The décor is really unique, it’s contemporary, but not daft, and it’s just very easy to sit back and relax whilst you’re there. The menu is full and comprehensive, I have only ever been for brunch, and whatever you fancy, whether it’s an açai bowl or salmon and eggs, there is definitely something for everyone.


Yesterday I had soft shell crab, chorizo, poached egg with kimchee rice and holy smokes it was one of the best brunches I have ever had! However, be warned, on the weekends they don’t take reservations, and if you turn up any time after 10.30am, you will in all likely have to queue, at least for a short amount of time (but I promise you it’s worth it!). There is more than one, and I have only been to the one near King’s Cross, but I can imagine the other ones are just as great.

2. Ethos

I have actually done a full blog post on this place, but I wanted to mention it here, as it is so great. It’s a buffet restaurant that offers only vegetarian and vegan food. The food is delicious and many of the choices are unique, even if you’re a meat eater you will find something to love here, guaranteed. The scandi feel is fresh and different, and the staff are always so attentive and welcoming. It’s hidden away in a street just off Oxford Street, so it’s in prime position for a post shopping meal. They also do afternoon tea (which I believe you have to book). Well worth a visit!


3. Milk

I found out about this place from my housemate, it’s a bit more out of the way than some of the other places in this post, as it’s in Balham, but it is sooooo good! It was so good that I went on a Saturday for the first time, and took a friend there again the next day! Unfortunately, it’s so good that it’s beyond popular, and they also don’t take reservations, so unless you want to be standing in an extremely long line, I would probably avoid peak times (aka brunch time) on the weekend.


Their menu is somewhat obscure, you know those menus where the ingredients sound intriguing and interesting, but not so foreign that you have no idea what they are/are reluctant to try? Milk has mastered this mysterious balance extremely well! The coffee here is also great, and if you’re an instagrammer/blogger/just like to take photos of your food, this place seems like it was designed to make your photos look incredible and totally insta-worthy, think an elegant mélange of cacti, unique crockery and white tiles.

4. Wild Food Café

All vegan, plant based, gluten free, dairy free etc. etc. etc., this is what you can expect from Wild Food Café in Neal’s Yard near Covent Garden. Whilst you may think all these mentions of ‘free’ would be recipe for bland unexciting food, this is certainly not to case here. Wild Food Café is one of my favourite places in London to take people, as it is just as much the experience of going there, as tasting the amazing food. The staff are all so chilled out and seem to really care about the food they’re providing, the décor has a hippy vibe and you just feel so relaxed sitting down and enjoying some good and interesting food.


5. Mud Café

Mud is one of my favourite places, it’s right near where I live so I tend to take people visiting there all the time. The menu is different yet simple, and delicious! Their coffee is also pretty insane (I’m just waiting for them to start doing a matcha latte), the staff are mostly Australian and very nice. Mud itself is teeny tiny, and that is part of its charm, it’s not trying to be anything it’s not. The queue out the front door just tells you how good it is, and people will stand outside on the street on a Saturday or Sunday morning and wait to go in, because it’s worth it! I love the corn fritter stack, whilst my friend Orla always goes for the breakfast burger, team it with a coffee of choice and a juice and you’ve got the brunch of champions. P.S. The sweet potato fries are life!



  1. wildcatfitness 12th October 2016 / 11:54 am

    Well obvs I can vouch for Ethos but never heard of Mud – going to have to check it out now! Xx

    • Hannah 23rd October 2016 / 1:11 pm

      LJ I will take you to Mud as I live super close!! xx

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