Energising Pancakes

These pancakes are the ultimate kickstart to your weekend, boosted with protein and maca powder, you’re definitely going to be energised after these!



Makes: 1 Serving



One of the reasons I love to make these pancakes it because they are SO easy to make! Just whizz everything up in a blender, heat a small frying pan to a medium heat, when the pan is hot, add a smidgen of coconut oil to grease it. Pour a small amount of the mixture, enough to make a pancake that is half a cm thick and 5 cm in diameter (or just wing it like I do!). Heat the pancake on one side for a couple of minutes, my trick is to watch and when the small bubbles start to burst on top, I flip it with a spatula.


If you want an EXTRA boost, then add half a teaspoon of matcha tea powder (my fave is EatCleanTea matcha)

Do this until you have used up all of the mixture, add the toppings that you’d like, take a pretty picture and make sure you tag me on Instragram (@hannahrosefit) so I can see!

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