My Favourite Yoga Teachers in London

For anyone looking for some awesome yoga teachers to try out in London, here are my faves:

Kelly McHugh

I was first taught by Kelly at one of her Yoga Supper Clubs last year, she runs the company Good Yoga Life, which is a yoga company that organises regular classes, as well as really cool, out of the box yoga events, they’ve also started running retreats (see the one I went to in May here).

Kelly herself is one of the loveliest humans ever, she’s so chilled and down to earth. She honestly helped me fall in love with yoga, she’s spiritual, but in a totally normal way. I think people have this theory that yogis spent their lives meditating and living in the Peruvian mountains, but Kelly is just your normal girl, who happens to be an ace yogi and a really great teacher. Expect FUN! Something a bit different, and a chance to really have a play and try out some more advanced poses that your standard vinyasa flow teachers may not plan into their classes. Also be prepared for glitter, I’m just warning you!

Instagram: @goodyogalifeuk



Emily Eaton

Emily is another teacher at Good Yoga Life (are you seeing a pattern here) and she is just a complete free spirit who also has the kindest heart and is such a gentle and calming teacher. She will make you laugh your head off, forget your inhibitions and completely through yourself into your yoga session. Her voice is super soothing and again she is just a really nice, chilled, down to earth teacher. Spiritual but at the same time totally like you and me.

Instagram: @emily_and_yoga



Suzie Smith

Soooo I recently had to fill out a form where it asks me who my favourite yoga teacher is, and I had to say Suzie. Suzie is ALSO a teacher at Good Yoga Life (all GYL teachers are basically amazing ok!), she also teaches at Frame and various other places and she is just such a joy! She is such a kind and warm person and I love her classes, again she has a laid back approach to spirituality and for anyone who isn’t familiar with that part of yoga/life then Suzie is definitely a grace person to go to for classes.



Issy Scobie

I discovered Issy when I went to the classes at Sky Garden (they start again in March and are really cool, although a bit cold!), I immediately fell in love with the way that she teaches and helps you realise that doing what you can do and knowing your limits and not getting frustrated when you can’t hit a pose perfectly is more than ok. Issy helped me realise that yoga is way more than those pictures you see on Instagram, and all about what you do both on and off the mat.

Instagram: @issy_scobie_


Emily-Clare Hill

Emily is like the queen of yoga, for reals, she’s so awesome! She’s a 500hour teacher (that’s like really good), she has her own studio in London called Mudra Yoga, she is so freaking lovely and she’s a great teacher! Her classes are challenging, I find them pretty difficult but sometimes you have to do what’s hard… amiright?! Not only this but Emily is sharing her skills and runs a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Frame (where she also runs classes), as well as a 50hr Post Grad Teacher Training called Sunday School Yoga. Again, Emily is another teacher who shows that the false idea that yogis are always found omming whilst sat cross-legged on the floor in a wooden hut in Goa is a bit of a stereotype (nothing wrong with it though!) and that yoga is for EVERYONE. She shows that yoga is fun and that it’s ok to laugh and just be whoever you want to be both in class and out of it.

Instagram: @emilyclareyoga


Sabi Kerr

Last but not least how could I forget the amazing Sabi! This girl is one of my best friends, and she graduated as a yoga teacher in December 2016, she’s new on the scene as a yoga teacher but she’s already doing so well and teaching all over London! She has been a teacher (in dance and also a primary school teacher) for a long time, she is calm, her way of teaching is so blissful and she makes every class challenging yet fun, also the quotes she shares during her classes always give me the feels! Her classes are perfect for both experienced yogis and beginners alike, so check out her schedule!

Instagram: @sabi.kerr


So there you have it! These are the teachers that I love, but I am always trying to find new teachers (although I find it a bit scary sometimes, trying a brand new class), are there any London based yoga teachers that you love? I’d love to find some new names, leave a comment!


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