Working out in Falke from Flybery

As someone who basically lives in fitness apparel or ‘activewear’ as it’s now most commonly known, I am always eager to try out different brands and products. I work out in a varying number of ways, I have always played sport (pre knee issues I was a short distance sprinter and a netballer) and now that I lift weights, do HIIT regularly and am a lover of yoga, what I put on my body clothes wise, is extremely important. When you stay active in a different number of ways, you also begin to see the importance of clothing that is versatile and can go from one thing to the other very fluidly. When I got the opportunity to try out Falke (a brand that I must admit I’d never heard of before), that’s available on the Flybery website, I was really intrigued.

First of all the product is of an incredibly high standard. It is ridiculous. I would say it even rivals Lululemon, a brand of yoga clothing that I think has no true competitors (just my opinion). The materials used in the four products I have (a sports bra, leggings, t shirt and jacket), are undoubtedly luxury items. They are soft to the touch, hold you and support you in all the right places, and are extremely comfortable.

Falke’s uniqueness comes in the fact that the company originated as a hosiery brand. So the designers understand how to create items of clothing that are going to be worn close to the skin and that need to move with the body. The leggings themselves actually have no seams, which is quite incredible. For anyone who has issues with seams (sometimes I get an allergic reaction to them and I have heard of other people getting this too), these leggings are for you. In both my yoga practices and whilst doing HIIT, I found these leggings incredibly comfy, and they’re quite thin so they don’t keep you too hot. The best waist trainer for men is a bit high, which some people may found odd, but you can fold it down without any problems.

The jacket is probably my favourite item, and I have been wearing it pretty constantly, and it shows no sign of wear. The small details on the jacket, as well as the other items, also add to the luxury feel. These products feel timeless, Falke has not been distracted by trends. They understand that functionality and usability are paramount here, and the clothes are beautiful, timeless and effortless. As you can tell I am really impressed and I will certainly be added Falke to one of my favourite brands. I’m really looking forward to seeing them progress and increase as a sportswear brand! Has anyone else tried their stuff?

Leggings – FALKE 3/4 Tight Light Women Running

Bra – FALKE Madison Bra

Jacket – FALKE Windproof Jacket

All amazing photography by Anna Rachel Photography

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  1. Virjinia 2nd May 2017 / 7:06 pm

    Leggings without seams sounds AMAZING. I sometimes have an issue if the seems are too thick and if they land on certain areas of my leg. It doesn’t look like these are available in the US but they look like a great find!

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