The Goddess Revolution Book Review

I recently finished reading The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells, I bought it in a self-help book frenzy a few months ago, as I’m on a mission to improve myself. When I initially started reading it I wasn’t entirely sure it was for me, it focuses heavily on your relationship with food and in my mind I was like ‘Nah I’ve got this down’, so I read the first few chapters, and then left it at home when I went on holiday, as I chose to just take my kindle and a few mind-numbing fictional reads instead.

Coming back from my trip away, and deciding I wanted to start to cut out meat from my diet again, which meant I ended up eating a lot more processed stuff than I had been before, I noticed that actually, maybe I didn’t have the food ‘thing’ down, and that perhaps I should just go ahead and read the book after all.

Now I’ve finished and I am so so glad I decided to go back to it. Mel is awesome, she is so open with her history and before she goes too much into how you can start to change your habits and your mindset, she shares quite a lot of her journey, which really humbles you and I think makes you a lot more open to trying out the advice she later gives.

It is heavily focused on our relationship with food, which as a Western woman who grew up in the 21st century, is probably something I need to work on. The book delves deep into our diet culture, the excuses we come up with, why we come up with the excuses in the first place, why we want to go on diets, why we put crap processed rubbish into your bodies, and most of all why we don’t love ourselves and are always longing for a different body, or the body we had five years ago, or the body of that model on Instagram. Whilst many things I read through, I knew already, it was a great reminder to have them highlighted on a page that I can go back to at any point, and it really started to get me thinking about my own relationship with food and how I can start to heal it. Mel’s message about learning to love your body as it is, right now, is something I am seriously passionate about, which is why I think the book was so relevant for me. It really gets you analysing why you have the relationship with food and with your body that you do have, and I think self-analysis and self-discovery is vital when it comes to making meaningful changes.

Her tone is easy, chatty, friendly, Mel comes across as someone you want to take advice from, she doesn’t boast, she doesn’t make sweeping statements and her book is very inclusive of all sorts of women. You get the idea she wrote it because she genuinely really wants to help others. I know quite a few people who have read it and who LOVED it, one of my friends even says it has changed her life, which is quite incredible, and I can see why.

If you’re currently struggling to love yourself, hate certain parts of your body, are always fighting with yourself and what to eat and when, then I seriously think you should give this book a read, I am certain you’ll take something away from it and hopefully it will help you learn to become a better version of you and one that’s happy in her body, I know it’s already helped me a lot and I’ve only just started to implement some of her advice such as listening to my body more and making a list of what suits my body nutrition wise and what doesn’t. I strongly recommend this book!


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  1. Stef 9th July 2017 / 10:09 pm

    Thanks so much for this review. I think this is the type of read I need right now. Perfect recommendation

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