What is ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ And Why Is Everyone Worrying About It?

Mercury is currently retrograding or ‘in retrograde’, you might have possibly noticed that things in life right now don’t seem to be going so well, you’re more likely to smash your phone up, you’re more likely to lose your keys and waking up has been really bloody hard. Some people (including myself) believe that this has a lot to do with the little planet named Mercury and the fact that it’s doing this thing called ‘retrograding’. I would knowingly nod whenever I hear how over the past few weeks, a friend’s life has just been a little bit ‘shit’, and say ‘well you know Mercury is totally messing with us’ and in all likelihood they would knowingly nod back. But if anyone asked me ‘What does Mercury being in retrograde actually mean?’ or ‘why does Mercury being in retrograde cause so much distruction?’ I’d be unable to answer. And this annoyed me, so I fixed it, and now I’m sharing it with you, because I’m nice like that.

What Does ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ Mean?

When Mercury is in retrograde, it means that the planet looks like it has started to reverse its orbit around the sun and move backwards. It hasn’t in fact done this at all, it’s an optical illusion that makes it look this way to use on Earth. This YouTube video I found was super helpful so I thought it was better for me to share the video as opposed to trying to poorly explain it myself.

I genuinely found this video so useful and informative, as it explains exactly what ‘retrograding’ is. But the question still remains… why does it affect us so much (or at least seem to?)

Why Does Mercury Being in Retrograde Mess Up So Many Thing?

People say things like ‘never get your hair cut when mercury is in retrograde’ or ‘don’t get a tattoo when mercury is retrograding’ but why?!

There is no scientific proof that this effs up our lives, but, I think many people can agree, there is some kind of correlation, and things have been going a little bit weird around my life over the past few weeks, and I’ve heard friends say the same, the question still begs, why?

In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication, and day to day expression. Mercury is known for being unemotional, it is inquisitive, analytical and it rules how we categorise our thoughts. When Mercury is retrograding, astrologers believe that these things the planet gives us, start to shut down a little, communication isn’t quite so simple, it’s harder to express yourself, and as a result, things get misinterpreted and life in general just starts to get a bit funky.

What Do We Do About It?

Well unfortunately, because the Earth is going to keep on turning, and it will keep orbiting the sun, as will Mercury, Mercury retrograding is an inevitability we have to deal with. I truly believe as human beings start to become more in tune with themselves and with the universe around them, things such as astrology will start to play a bigger role in our lives. So, when Mercury is in retrograde (like it is now until the 23rd December *GULP*), what can we do reduce its effects?

The first thing is to just accept it, if you believe in this phenomenon then just accept it for what it is, and just be more diligent with your communication, be more patient with yourself and with others, and take more time when making decisions about certain things, understanding that maybe you’re not quite so clear headed as usual.

I hope that was helpful! Lots of love x


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  1. wildcatfitness 21st December 2017 / 8:45 pm

    I, like you, had heard the expression “mercury in retrograde” so so many times but had no clue what that actually meant. You’ve explained it so well! I had no idea what a profound effect it could have though and will definitely keep that in mind until the 23rd. Thank you xxx

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