My Ultimate Guide To Crystal Healing

Crystals, all of sudden your favourite Instagrammers seem to be using them, your favourite jewellery brand has started selling bracelets with crystals for love, or for luck, but what does it all mean? It can be a bit of a mine field, so I decided to write probably one of the most comprehensive blog posts I have ever written in the hopes that I can give you all the information I ever wanted in one page. Including my favourite crystals and their uses, how I generally use crystals, the science behind them, where I buy mine from, the books I use and much more.

How Do Crystals Work?

So let’s start by talking about what crystals can do, many people use crystals for different reasons, and they have been used throughout the history of humankind, I found this article which goes into this in more detail. If you googled this very question ‘How Do Crystals Work’ you may have found, like me, that it is actually very difficult to get a straight answer.

Here’s the straight answer: We don’t know yet.

There are theories about the vibrational elements of crystals, about how they can take our energy that we put out into the world and amplify it (what I believe), but as it stands, there is no scientific backing. This however does not mean they don’t work. ‘But Hannah… if there’s no scientific evidence, what’s the point? Surely it’s a load of rubbish?’ I hear you croon. Well, let me remind you that once upon a time people thought the earth was flat, because there was no scientific evidence to prove otherwise. Once upon a time someone thought we would be able to walk on Mars and everyone else thought they were crazy… so just always remember that!

However, we use crystals in our every day life without even realising, an article on points out that ‘quartz makes up 12% of the Earth’s crust and is used in almost every kind of technology, including time keeping, electronics, information storage, and more. If it’s possible for crystals to communicate through computer chips, then isn’t it possible that this vibrational energy could be transformed in other ways?’ Here is another great article that goes into detail about the more scientific elements of crystals.

My Must-Have Crystals

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz was the first crystal I ever bought, and I have about four different ones. Rose Quartz is the crystal of love, and isn’t just for someone who’s seeking a relationship. I use Rose Quartz as a reminder to be a loving human, always, trying to remove the judgement, and to open myself up to all kinds of love, including self love. I keep a large one on my bedside table, as this is said to help bring more love into your life. It’s healing properties extend out to healing emotional trauma, and it is known to be a very calming and relaxing crystal.

What does it look like: it’s pink quartz and can range in terms of tone, you can buy it either rough or polished

Clear Quartz

This is usually said to be the starter crystal, this is the one you buy to start your little collection. It is a master healer and can really be used for anything and everything. It can also be used to amplify other crystals. I have been told by several people to keep one near my head (e.g. under my pillow or on my bedside table) as I sleep, because it is very helpful with depression, mental illnesses and also hormone balancing! I quite often hold one during my meditations when I’m at home to help amplify or deepen the practice.

What does it look like: it’s totally transparent, is a quartz and can be bought either rough or polished


Amethyst is another good all rounder if you’re looking to start with a generic crystal. It comes in a whole host of different shades, and they’re good crystals to keep out in your house as ornaments as it is very good for purifying spaces and protecting you from harmful energy. It is also very calming, is good for meditation, and it works in the mental, physical and higher planes. So when I travelled to Bali in February my mum actually bought me an amethyst necklace to wear when I was travelling to protect me and also look after me in all those planes (it worked, even fell of a motorbike and only had a few grazes!)

What does it look like: it’s a purple quartz and can totally range in terms of shade, often with areas of differing depth and saturation


This is one of my favourite crystals! I wear it most days as it is said to be a major protective crystal, keeping you safe, particularly whilst travelling. It is also known as ‘the stone of magic’ and is said to increase your psychic abilities, it is also very good for enhancing self confidence and enables you to open up to the things the universe is putting into your path.

What does it look like: it is often dark grey in colour with a shimmery green or even blue tinge. It does range vastly however and I even have one that looks almost gold.


Citrine is a stone all about abundance, prosperity and success. I keep mine in my purse as it is thought to help boost your money making power. It doesn’t ‘make you rich’ but it certainly opens you up to more opportunities, gives you clarity, more creativity, perseverance and mental strength. It’s also known as the business stone. Charge one up (more on that later) and keep one in your wallet for two weeks, and see if you notice any changes. It is also meant to be a great crystal for when you are starting a new project or a new venture.

What does it look like: this crystal tends to be yellow with flecks of orange, it is also a quartz

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is very much linked to the environment, and is thought to be able to protect from environmental pollution. It is also the stone of luck, can help amplify self confidence, is another stone that attracts love (as it’s linked to the heart chakra) and is a good crystal for helping to strengthen relationships (romantic and friendship).

What does it look like: it’s green, duh, but you can also find it in other colours


One of the latest additions to my collection, I think the thing I like the most about this is its name (every time I say it in my head it sounds like Optimus Prime is saying it, lolz). I purchased it for my root chakra, as it is a grounding stone, it links you to the physical realm, as well as enables your soul to anchor into your body. It can enable you to delve deeper into your true self, enabled you to find your purpose and stimulates deep personal growth. It is very powerful so if you’re a newbie, it might not be the best one for you. But it works real magic. Be warned it can really open up some deep rooted issues.

What does it look like: it’s cooled lava and is a deep, rich black colour, almost reflective in its appearance.


This unusual and yet beautiful crystal aids in mental growth, it enables you to make decisions with more clarity and also guides you close to your intuition. A newer stone for me but one that I am really glad that I got, it helps to promote honesty, within yourself, but also between you and those around you. It is linked very strongly to the moon too and can help you develop your intuitive capabilities and seek your divine truth (whatever that may be).

What does it look like: it’s white and iridescent, it’s very usual looking, almost milky, and can often have striations due to the way the crystals form.

Cleansing & Charging Your Crystals

Because crystals work with energies, they can cling onto them. So when you buy a new crystal, it’s important to cleanse it and then ‘charge’ it (give it its intention).

I cleanse mine by leaving them in sunlight/moonlight for 24 hours, I tend to leave them outside on my window sill as I have a little dip in mine to leave them. However I imagine doing it through a window will still work.

There are other ways to cleanse them, such as rinsing them with water.

There are loads of tutorials on how to charge your crystals, however, I just sit with my new cleansed crystal in my hands in my lap, mentally give it a purpose, and then meditate for 5 minutes, this works well for me personally.

What Do Crystals Mean To Me

For me, whether there is a scientific reason or no, I love my crystals. They remind me to be present, they remind me to be the best me I can be, and I can’t see any fault in that. Even if it is a placebo effect, does it matter? To me no.

Where I Buy My Crystals

Over the years I have bought them from several different places, however the main places I would now go to are:

What Crystal Books I Recommend

For further reading, you can get the following books:

Any questions at all! Do not hesitate to ask! If you enjoyed this/found it helpful, please let me know!

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