Hey there!


Welcome to my website!

My name is Hannah and I am just a pretty normal girl living in London and trying to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, whilst living life to its fullest! I want to share my journey, my advice, the mistakes I’ve made, and anything else with people, because I think that being healthy and fit is important. Loving your body is important, and giving it the love and attention it deserves is just as important!

So how did I get into all of this? 

I have always played sports, but exercise definitely wasn’t my jam, at all. Netball was really my passion and I continued to play it at university, until I started to become crippled by an injury. After playing through the injury (I did go to a lot of different physiotherapists in this time, none of which seemed to help!), but after about 5 years the injury got to a point where I could barely walk anymore.

Skip forward a year a bit, turns out the injury was actually caused by a cartilage disorder. I had surgery in March 2015 and may need more in the future. The rehabilitation process and getting back on my feet gave me a lot of time to really study nutrition (at a casual level) and also provided me with the determination to do the best possible thing for my body. I still love a good burger and fries, and I don’t enjoy every session at the gym, but I have learnt to love health and fitness in a way I didn’t think was possible!

H xxxx