As many of you will know, I have a chronic knee injury, my knee is slowly getting stronger and stronger, but as I can’t train in the way that I used to (lots of high impact, running and plyometrics), over the last three years I have changed the way I train a lot, and part of my rehab for my knee has been to take up spinning classes. Before I moved to London I wasn’t too into them, but since coming to London and realising that the spin scene here is AMAZING, I am now becoming a spin addict!

On Thursday I attended an event to celebrate the opening of the new Another Space studio in Bank, in collaboration with Figleaves. We did a spin class with Olivia, one of my favourite Another Space teachers and oh my god it was as awesome as ever! The more I go to spin the more I love it, and my knee surgeon has been really happy with the strength progression in the muscles and tendons surrounding my knee.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out the Figleaves Anita Sports Bra, and as someone who kind of assumed I could get away with wearing yoga sports bras (little to no support) to spin, I have now realised I need to switch up my game and make sure I wear a correctly supportive and well fitted sports bra when I go to spin classes. Whilst spin is technically low impact on your joints, when you are up out of the seat a lot (like you are in classes at Another Space), you do end up with a slight high impact movement, not for the joints as the resistance of the pedals removes any real impact, but for your upper body, particularly if you do choreography in your classes that requires a lot of fast upper body movement.

So Why Should You Wear a Well Supported Bra?

Our breasts are formed of fatty tissue, and are supported by fragile ligaments, when we undergo high impact activity, the ligaments that hold our breasts in place are put under tension, causing them to stretch, due to the formation of ligaments, when they get stretched, they don’t return to their original length, and remain stretched. This, along with back pain, is one of the reasons why it’s important to keep those breasts in place with an adequate sports bra.

A survey carried out Herriot-Watt University last year showed that even breasts sized 34A need extra support during sport, this same study found evidence that wearing a sports bra can reduce breast movement by 56%!

Wearing my new Figleaves Anita Sports Bra I definitely felt more supported and I have made a vow to myself to wear a proper fitting sports bra from now on whenever I go to my spin classes! If you haven’t checked Figleaves out, you need to! I think the bras they provide are so pretty and stylish, which is super uncommon for those bras with higher support, they have SO MANY designs and colours on offer, and they go all the way up to a 54E! So there will literally be something for everyone on there, it’s truly amazing that they cater to such a wide variety of women, as opposed to just going up to a D cup like many brands that sell a sports bra (or even worse just having S, M or L as an option).

Make sure you check out Figleaves’ sports bra collection here, and if you fancy trying a spin class, make sure you go to Another Space, their new studio in Bank is so nice, the changing rooms are HUGE and you are provided with fresh towels, cleats for when you spin (so you don’t even need to bring trainers), Cowshed products in the showers (if you haven’t used this stuff before you’re in for a treat) as well as GHDs and everything else you could want whilst getting ready! Check Another Space’s webpage here.

Last Saturday myself and my best pal turned business partner (ish) Sabi ran our second Fitness and Flow event in North London. We came up with the idea of getting people together to sweat, stretch, meet some new people and then leave with an awesome goody bag, this time we made it a brunch event, and it was so great to see some lovely girls having a fab time working out and eating together and getting to know one another.

Massive shoutout to Rude Health, Pip and Nut and Ugly for providing the brunch food, and to Hangry Food Co, Missfits Nutrition, Boost Ball, wyldsson, Pulsin and Loving Earth for contributing to our goodie bags!

Sabi and I are running our next Fitness and Flow event on Wednesday 26th July in Moorgate, come along after work, do a full body HIIT session with me, then flow it out with Sabi and leave with a fantastic goodie bag and maybe even some new friends!

To get your ticket to the next event click here! Spots are limited so get on it ASAP!

I thought today I would share with you all my experience doing my Personal Training course, as I have recently qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and I have found there are so many people wanting to do a PT course themselves, either with the aim of becoming a PT too or even just for some knowledge in terms of their own training. So I thought sharing my experience with it would be super helpful for anyone who is thinking about it.

Who did I do it with?

This is the first question I get asked by anybody, and the answer is TRAINFITNESS, a centre in Southwark in London, which is actually really close for me distance wise. TRAINFITNESS has produced well-known PTs such as fellow fitness blogger Zanna Van Dijk, the amazing Tashi Skervin as well as some of my other friends. This was one of the main reasons I went with TRAINFITNESS, because I knew that they had already helped to create some amazing personal trainers, and I wanted to get in on that.

How long did it take?

TRAINFITNESS offers various options, such as an intensive course which takes 5 weeks, or there is part-time (either 12 consecutive Saturdays or 12 consecutive Sundays) or distance learning, where you learn everything at home and then go into the centre to take the assessments. As I was working a full time job at the time, I went for the Saturday part-time course, so I rocked up at TRAINFITNESS every Saturday from mid Jan to the start of April and did my course from 10-5 each Saturday. I personally enjoyed it, but I have heard from various people that the intensive course is very good, so if I had had the option I would have gone for that, however I don’t think any option is worse or better than the other, it’s amazing that they offer three different ways of learning, so that different people with different schedules can do the course no matter what.

What was the exam process?

TRAINFITNESS do their qualification through YMCA (which is one of the best course providers), and because of this Level 2 and Level 3 are the same in the fact that you have two theory papers (multiple choice) as well as a practical exam which will last about an hour. TRAINFITNESS also has free resits of the theory exams included, which sounds like something quite small but definitely took the pressure off for most of us doing the course!

How much work was involved?

I’m not going to lie to you, it wasn’t easy to work full time and do this course, I spent many a lunch hour avoiding my colleagues with my iPad out revising and just trying to learn the vast amount of content we cover. But Train Fitness have a really great online platform with modules, videos, worksheets and mock exams, which will be accessible to do you even after you’ve qualified, and this was definitely useful and user friendly. It was hard, BUT it was for a short period of time, and if you’re paying that price and you’re committing to do this then it’s not difficult to put the effort in, or at least it wasn’t for me.

What are the teachers like?

I had three different teachers whilst doing my course and they were all bloody brilliant! They each had their own style of teaching and offered such different points of views to our learning, they made sure to keep us engaged (particularly when we hit the 3pm lull) and also to provide us with valuable knowledge that we could actually take away from the course and put into being a PT. At the end of the day the learning material is limited to what the course provider sets, but each tutor made sure to add things to the material to make our experience even better than it already was.

Would I recommend it?

100%. There’s no doubt that I would tell anyone to go with TRAINFITNESS. It’s in a great location in London, the price is pretty average as far as Personal Training courses go, the teachers are great, I made some really amazing friends who I’m still in contact with now (and we developed an unhealthy love of smoked salmon sandwiches from the Pret around the corner) and above all I feel like I can now go into the personal training career and actually help people to be active, fit, healthy, happy and to achieve their goals.

Check out their website here and if you’re interested you can download their prospectus. If you have any questions just leave a comment, I’d be more than happy to answer any!

As someone who basically lives in fitness apparel or ‘activewear’ as it’s now most commonly known, I am always eager to try out different brands and products. I work out in a varying number of ways, I have always played sport (pre knee issues I was a short distance sprinter and a netballer) and now that I lift weights, do HIIT regularly and am a lover of yoga, what I put on my body clothes wise, is extremely important. When you stay active in a different number of ways, you also begin to see the importance of clothing that is versatile and can go from one thing to the other very fluidly. When I got the opportunity to try out Falke (a brand that I must admit I’d never heard of before), that’s available on the Flybery website, I was really intrigued.

First of all the product is of an incredibly high standard. It is ridiculous. I would say it even rivals Lululemon, a brand of yoga clothing that I think has no true competitors (just my opinion). The materials used in the four products I have (a sports bra, leggings, t shirt and jacket), are undoubtedly luxury items. They are soft to the touch, hold you and support you in all the right places, and are extremely comfortable.

Falke’s uniqueness comes in the fact that the company originated as a hosiery brand. So the designers understand how to create items of clothing that are going to be worn close to the skin and that need to move with the body. The leggings themselves actually have no seams, which is quite incredible. For anyone who has issues with seams (sometimes I get an allergic reaction to them and I have heard of other people getting this too), these leggings are for you. In both my yoga practices and whilst doing HIIT, I found these leggings incredibly comfy, and they’re quite thin so they don’t keep you too hot. The best waist trainer for men is a bit high, which some people may found odd, but you can fold it down without any problems.

The jacket is probably my favourite item, and I have been wearing it pretty constantly, and it shows no sign of wear. The small details on the jacket, as well as the other items, also add to the luxury feel. These products feel timeless, Falke has not been distracted by trends. They understand that functionality and usability are paramount here, and the clothes are beautiful, timeless and effortless. As you can tell I am really impressed and I will certainly be added Falke to one of my favourite brands. I’m really looking forward to seeing them progress and increase as a sportswear brand! Has anyone else tried their stuff?

Leggings – FALKE 3/4 Tight Light Women Running

Bra – FALKE Madison Bra

Jacket – FALKE Windproof Jacket

All amazing photography by Anna Rachel Photography

With the London Marathon fast approaching as well as Spring being upon us, bringing out the sun seeking runners from their hibernation, I thought I’d share some yoga poses to help you with your runs and post run soreness. I used to be a runner myself (short distance sprinting and occasional jogger), and I know first hand how important post run stretches are to not only keeping the soreness away, but also aiding your recovery and improving your running technique.

Here are some yoga poses that you can aim to incorporate into your post run stretch session, or if you practice yoga then you could add some more of them in!

1. Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

Probably the most well known yoga posture, downward facing dog will stretch out your hamstrings, and calves, as well as lengthening the spine and stretching your traps and rhomboids. Make sure to spread your fingers wide, and allow your shoulders to come away from the ears, letting your shoulder muscles relax. If you’re hamstrings are tight (like mine) a slight bend of the knees is perfectly fine.

2. Upward Facing Dog – Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

In upward facing dog not only do you get a great stretch the hip flexors as well as the whole front of the body, but you also get to continue opening up the chest, great for all you runners! Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders, toes are on the ground, and focus on pulling your heart and chest open and radiating them out, not over arching the neck.

3. Extended Triangle Pose – Utthita Trikonasana

This pose again stretches out your hamstrings as well as your inner thighs, it’s also really great for runners, as it’s a side stretch, which is helpful as it allows your body to move in a different plane, as the motion of running is purely in the sagittal plane (forward or backward movement), so doing stretches that operate in different planes is great for your body. Make sure to bend from the hip joint, extending the top arm towards the ceiling, aiming to keep a long line from the crown of the head all the way down the spine.

4. Bridge or Wheel Pose – Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or Urdhva Dhanurasana

Both bridge and wheel pose are great chest openers, allowing you to really stretch your chest muscles. Wheel is more advanced and will open up the chest even more, helping to strengthen the lungs (perfect for runners) as well as strengthening the entire body from head to toe. But don’t worry if you don’t have the full wheel yet, bridge pose is also super beneficial!

5. Tree Pose – Vrkasana

One legged balancing poses are great for everyone, as it forces your brain to engage with the body in a different way than when you’re using both legs to balance. It’s also great for strengthening the calves, ankles, thighs, and the spine, whilst allowing you to open up your chest and shoulders. Try to play around with different hand placement, and if you think you’ve got it, see what happens when you close your eyes. Knee police comment: never place the foot directly on the knee in this pose as it’s very dangerous for your knee joint!

What poses do you love doing? Leave a comment and let me know

Outfit details:

First Outfit:

Leggings & Bra Falke from Flybery.Com

Second Outfit:

Leggings & Bra from Dharmabums

Third Outfit:

Bikini from Khongboon