As many of my readers are probably aware, I have been making a conscious effort to make changes in my day-to-day life to help the environment and our planet. Reducing my animal product intake has been a big one, getting more clued up on recycling and waste, another, but what I wasn’t aware of is how detrimental so many products we use every single day are to the environment. However, there are brands out there that do produce those everyday items, but ones that are actually environmentally friendly. This is one of the main reasons why I was so keen to get my hands on BOCA’s new toothpaste (or pastes shall I say, as there’s a day toothpaste and an overnight toothpaste). What I wasn’t aware of is how many toothpastes you can buy from your average supermarket or Boots, actually has a lot of dangerous ingredients in it that we absorb into our bloodstream through our gums, these are ingredients such as SLS (also used in industrial floor cleaners!), microbeads (these get into the water systems too and end up in the ocean and are found in wildlife’s tummies L ), triclosan and hydrogen peroxide to name a few. BOCA’s new toothpastes don’t have any of these, so I was really excited and also curious to see how I got on!

The Taste

I don’t know why but to me taste is super important when it comes to toothpaste, I guess when it’s something that you’re putting into your mouth at least twice a day you want it to be decent. The taste is really nice and minty, not over powering, and whilst I thought at first that rose would be a weird flavour to have in a toothpaste, you barely notice the floral note and it’s actually super pleasant. Both the day toothpaste and the overnight toothpaste taste the same to me.

Using It

So as I already established, there’s no SLS, which means there isn’t any foaming or frothing that we’re all familiar with when using toothpastes. After a few uses you forget about it and it becomes pretty normal. I think we’re just tied to the assumption that foam = clean, and that’s not necessarily the case. My teeth have felt perfectly clean since using BOCA.


The Appearance

The toothpastes arrived in a little box and the tubes are more like the tubes that you would get lotions in as opposed to toothpaste, which definitely makes it feel like a luxury product. You can save the planet AND feel glam, what a time to be alive!

The Price

This is one is where some might be sceptical, it’s £13.99 for one order of both the day and overnight toothpaste, which compared to your £3 tube from Tesco, does seem like a big jump. However, if using products that don’t have harsh chemicals, and are environmentally safe, is important to you, then I think you will agree that where possible it’s better to pay slightly more. Remember too that it’s £13.99 for both tubes, so roughly £7 per tube. It’s really a personal preference when it comes down to this, and some people simply may not be able to stretch, but for a lot of people, who’s priority might be quality, I can see this not being an issue.


Bottom Line – Will I Continue Using This?

Yes! I have been really happy with the product so far, I feel like my teeth look whiter after using this when I brush my teeth, and I haven’t noticed any negative differences since switching. There’s a lot of research about using toothpastes that don’t contain the harsh chemicals, and BOCA seems to be mentioned everywhere as one of the better toothpastes to use. So to summarise, it tastes good, it hasn’t got the same harmful ingredients as your regular toothpastes, it doesn’t have microbeads in it so no poorly fish, and whilst it’s a bit pricey, it’s not too expensive. It’s also really interesting to note that using toothpastes without things such as SLS can actually really improve how you feel, when I was doing my research for this post, I found an article about a woman names Joanna Brindle who was advised to use BOCA toothpaste by a colleague, as her regular toothpastes were making her sick when she was undergoing chemotherapy, she said that when she used BOCA toothpaste instead, she was absolutely fine! You can read the article here.

See more about BOCA here.


What are your thoughts? Have you tried any alternative or luxury toothpastes?

After a busy few days in Marrakech, it was pretty spectacular to be invited for an afternoon at the Four Seasons Marrakech to sunbathe, swim and have a private yoga class.

The hotel complex is about a 30 minute walk from Gueliz, the old town, and after Sabi and I decided to brave it and walk the way (as opposed to getting a taxi), reaching the hotel gates 30 minutes later and leaving the dirt track (no pavement there peeps!) and stepping foot into what felt like a total sanctuary! Spreading over 40 acres, the hotel is more like a little village. We were greeted at reception, and taken in a golf buggy to the pool area, where we were again greeted, and taken to some sun loungers. We nipped off to get changed into our bikinis and came back to an ice cold glass of water and a menu, we didn’t even need the menu though as we knew we had been planning on having ice-cream the entire walk, so we ordered our big bowls of ice-cream and lay down for an afternoon of reading, swimming and sun bathing.

After a few hours by the pool it was time to be taken over the to the spa to get ready for our private yoga class with Manoj, the Four Seasons Marrakech yoga instructor. We were taken to a little private garden near the spa, and had an outdoor yoga session, where Manoj took us through a hatha class. I’ve never done hatha before, and it was really interesting to try a completely new style of yoga, and be taught by a teacher from India, as opposed to one from the west which is usually the case in London. It involved a lot of breathing and chakra opening, as well as looking at the correct alignment of some of the postures I do every single day such as warrior two, downward dog, trikonasana and even child’s pose.

All in all we had an incredible afternoon, if you’re looking for a high end resort to stay at, I would definitely recommend looking at the Four Seasons Marrakech, the pool was serene, the staff were attentive, friendly and completely beyond what I expected, and the entire complex was a dream. Palm trees and cacti galore, countless little spots to relax and enjoy a read in some tranquillity, and the hotel is just a short ride away from the bright lights of the Nouvelle Ville or the hustle and bustle and the snake charmers of the Medina. Check out their website and Instagram here!

Hidden in the middle of the Medina, Café Clock is a funky haven that brings Europe and North Africa together to meet and create this awesome café. During my recent trip to Marrakech, I was lucky enough to go and check Café Clock out and have one of the most delicious veggie lunches (yes, veggie!) I’ve ever had. There’s a bright, high ceilinged ground floor part of the café, as well as an amazing open roof top space (with covered and non-covered parts). The décor was very very cool, there’s no other way to describe it, with mod pictures and mismatched furniture and splashes of bright colour everywhere, I felt very much at home, and want to transport the place back to London!

The staff were super friendly, attentive and quick. The menu was available in both English and French, and even had veggie, vegan and GF options! We went for the falafel, hummus and tabbouleh each, as well as two side salads (the winter salad of roasted vegetables and minted fresh cheese and fig & blue cheese salad with candied walnuts and capers) which were both insane, actually, the entire meal was freaking delicious, I’m thinking that’s the best falafel I’ve ever had! We also had a smoothie each and after lunch we got henna tattoos, we each opted for the same traditional hand henna (we literally just did everything exactly the same all holiday hahaha), the henna artist was lovely and I am sooo in love with my design, I want it to stay forever!

Not only do they offer amazing grub and a fab place to chill, but Café Clock has so much more to offer. There are workshops and cooking classes held there, as well as a Saturday morning yoga class which we 100% would have gone to if we’d have been in the country!

If you’re ever in Marrakech, put this on your list of places to visit.

Find their website here and Instagram here

It’s time to share with you some more of the amazing products I’ve discovered over the last month!

Happy + Co Home Wear Collection

I have updated my dining experience at home with these absolutely beautiful napkins from Happy & Co, I think the design is so modern and unusual. The company itself not only do table linen, but they also make bedding, cushions, furniture and more. They also have created the Happy + Co Farm in Cambodia, which was built to help provide jobs and produce for locals in the area. 10% of every product sold from Happy + Co goes into this farm, which I think is absolutely amazing and makes my heart a little fuzzy and warm!

Check out all their stuff here:

And their gorgeous IG here

Skins GB Compression Wear

I was recently asked to review Skins GB Compression wear, which is clothing that compresses your muscles and can improve your blood flow and reduct your chance of injury whilst wearing it when you exercise. I absolutely love the pieces I got to try and their stuff is super comfortable! And if it could help reduce my chances of being any more injured, I will take it!

Check out their page here:

Ugly Drinks

I have a big box of these fizzy sweetener free drinks at work that I am making my way through veeerrryyy quickly. Yep you heard, sweetener free! They’re infused with natural fruit flavourings and that’s pretty much it! I love them when I want something a bit different to just water, and I also think they’d be a great mixer with gin or vodka for a night out! Click here for their website.

Made By Fressko Flask

I finally got my hands on one of these flasks and I have been after one for ages! They’re beautiful, simple, easy to clean (the strainer pops out so you can wash it separately) and they can be used for either hot or cold drinks, peerrfect!

Physio Ball

Ok so this may seem totally random but I am loving my spikey physio ball these days! Great for getting knots out of my back, shoulders, neck, calves etc. I use mine at work whilst I am sitting and it really helps relieve some of that tension we seem to build up! Get these ones from Amazon here.

A few Sundays ago a friend and I decided to go for some lunch time waffles at Pachamama in Marylebone, a Peruvian restaurant that offers a really unusual but delicious menu.

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The underground restaurant is surprisingly bright, welcoming and spacious. The décor remind me of holidays abroad, with wooden floors and mismatching and weathered furniture. The staff were all super friendly, and the service was very quick!

Karin and I shared a savoury and a sweet waffle. We opted for the sweet potato waffles, although they also offer quinoa waffles (I need to try these too!), the savoury was a smoked bacon, free-range fried egg and yacon syrup waffle, ok so I had no idea what yacon was (now I know that it’s now a sweet South American root), but the combination was delicious and everything was cooked perfectly. We also had a side of crab and yucon churros (savoury churros…. What?!), they were equally delicious and garlicy and I LOVE GARLIC, so that was a huge win for me.

pb130179 pb130165 pb130175

We followed this up with the sweet waffle which was topped with peruvian chocolate, toasted quinoa ice cream and a cacao crumb and my good Viracocha (Incan god – just trying to be cultural) it was insane!

They do a lunch taco menu on weekdays, and an evening menu that actually has a great deal of veggie dishes (and meat and fish too!), as well as other delicious looking brunch items. Not only was the food amazing, and I mean this honestly, it was delicious, it was so great to eat somewhere with ingredients that were new to me, as I love trying out new things and am really interested in other cuisines, so this was right up my alley! It was relatively inexpensive, and they serve a great range of cocktails and herbal teas too. This one needs to go at the top of your ‘To Eat In London’ list!

For more info check out their website or their Instagram @pachamamalondon

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