Now if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s fly. I’ve been a frequent flyer since I was a babe. Thanks to family living in different countries and a mother with an aversion to holidaying in the UK, I was brought up with going to the airport and boarding planes several times a year. This last year I flew a hell of a lot as although I was living in Paris I was frequently flying back to the UK for family commitments and holidays, so I’ve therefore deemed myself qualified to give you some tips (if you’d like them) on how to travel comfortably whilst also looking chic!

Tip #1: Clothing

Choosing that airport outfit is always the bane of my life, but I’ve figured out some basics.

  • Wear layers – Layer your top half, you may be flying to Africa where there’s 40+ celsius weather, but to get there you’ll be about 40 000 feet (roughly 7 miles/11km) above the ground and up there it gets pretty cold, so take some stylish knitwear and a pashmina ok? On the other hand walking around the airport and dragging your suitcase can work up a bit of sweat, so you need to be able to strip off layers too.
  • Wear comfy bottoms – Whether it’s a floaty maxi skirt or my personal fave some leatherette leggings, comfortable bottoms are a must. If, like me you’re going to be cramped up in economy class for a couple of hours you don’t want to be wearing some super tight jeans, am I right? (I know I am.)
  • Footwear – I am never ever going to be the sort of girl who approves of wearing heels to the airport, all that standing around, all that walking to your terminal gate just screams “wear flats!”. You may see celebs wearing heels and looking all leggy and chic when they are at the airport but I bet they aren’t having to carry their own bags, and have probably enjoyed a massage in their VIP lounge before boarding onto First Class where they got loads of champers and a full length bed to lie down in. Wear comfy shoes, trains, dolly shoes, whatever, just make sure you’re comfy!
  • Jewellery – hold back on the jewellery, a necklace and watch and you’re sorted, an airport (with airport security) is not the place to pile on the bangles and rings!

My most recent airport outfit


Necklace: H&M  Jumper: Primark  Leggings: New Look  Trainers: Converse  Bag: Zara  Watch: River Island


Here are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Fearne Cotton and Georgia May Jagger all looker chic and comfortable at the airport!

Tip #2: Luggage

Hand luggage is always a tricky one, and you’ll need to check with your airline what their restrictions are weight wise and with the dimensions, although there is a standard cabin size bag. If you are checking in hold luggage, you’ll also be taking hand luggage with you, here are my tips on packing the essentials but packing light in regards to your hand luggage.

  • Liquids – Because some crazy folk have worked out how to make liquid bombs, the liquids you can take through in your hand luggage have been severely reduced (hopefully this will change soon thanks to some fancy liquid scanner stuff). You can only take through liquids in containers of 100ml or less, and they must fit into a clear resealable plastic bag, for more details check out this website. Because of this its best to put most liquids in your cabin luggage, expensive perfumes etc are probably best in hand luggage just incase your cabin luggage gets lost.
  • Laptops and tablets – I would definitely advise keeping these on your person when flying, you never know whether those guys putting your luggage in the hold are rough handed or not. You will have to take laptops and tablets (iPad etc) out of your hand luggage when going through security so make sure they’re easy to remove!

Small tip – if you have anything that are essential to you, e.g. me with my contact lenses, put them in your hand luggage! If for example you lost them or say some important medication it may be exceedingly difficult for you to find them where you’re going (this has happened to me before and having to describe to a Thai pharmacist which tablets I was after was very difficult!), then take them in your hand luggage, clothes etc can be replaced far more easily than vital medications or your ability to have 20/20 vision. Also, things such as phone chargers are probably best to go in your hand luggage too.


What I usually have in my hand luggage


Why not be organised and get a nice little travel wallet like I did?!

Hopefully even a small part of this was helpful! Bon Voyage!

HR xo

So some of you may know that two weekends ago I hopped on a plane and flew (not me personally, I don’t fly planes) to Copenhagen to play for Netball Paris in Copenhagen’s International Tournament. Not only was I ridiculously excited to be reunited with some of the awesome people I met in Paris, I was also full to the brim with anticipation at the prospect of exploring a new city in a part of the world that I’ve never been to!

Some interesting facts about Copenhagen:

1. Copenhagen was founded over 1000 years ago in the 10th century and it originated as a Viking fishing village.

2. You know Disney’s The Little Mermaid? Well that is actually an adaptation of Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Anderson’s Den lille havfrue, which has created many film, theatre, novel and opera adaptations, and caused one man to commission the build of a bronze statue of a sorrowful mermaid by the sea in Copenhagen, which is now one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Take a read of the original fairy tale, and I think you’ll come to appreciate how the word ‘adaptation’ should be applied very loosely when talking about the Disney film.

3. Denmark boasts (not sure if that’s the right word) the highest income tax in the world! Denmark’s highest earners can be taxed up to a whopping 57% of their income, ridiculous!

4. Given what I just wrote above, would you believe that according to surveys, people who live in Denmark are the happiest people in the world (whilst the UK ranked 22nd and France ranked 25thmerde). I know where I’ll be moving to when I graduate.

5. A major aspect of Danish culture can be summed up in the word hygge, pronounced hugh-guh. It’s hard to explain what it really means (a direct translation into English is cozy but there’s more to it than that), it’s all about spending time with your friends and family and relaxing together enjoying each other’s company, pretty cool huh? That’s totally hyggelig!


I was greeted at the airport by pal Erin who’d just landed from Paris. After struggling to make sense of the Metro ticket machine, we managed to buy a ticket and we jumped on a train and arrived in central Copenhagen just 12 minutes later (so much better than the 40 minute/1 hour journey we were used to with Paris). Once at the (super clean) central station, Erin and I got into full tourist mode, with our map open in full and we began to search the unfamiliar combinations of letters that made up the Copenhagen street names. Alas, our map reading skills (or lack of) failed us, and we succumbed to the iPhone and its Google maps app.

Upon arrival at Danhostel Copenhagen Downtown (website here), a colourful and welcoming hostel, with its guests getting merry and spilling out onto the pavement outside where they lounged on comfy looking cushions, beer in hand. Sitting in the reception come bar we found Elsa, fellow NP member, who had arrived the previous day. After checking into our room and dumping our bags we headed out to explore and eat.

We wondered down picturesque cobbled streets and past gorgeous Nordic buildings until we stumbled upon Riz Raz (website here), to which Erin chirped “I know this place, I’ve seen it on Trip Advisor!” and on that note we grabbed a table outside on the street, wrapped ourselves in the blankets that were draped over the chairs (blankets seemed to be offered at all restaurants with outside seating in this city) and gave our order to the waitress (who, like every other Dane I came across in Copenhagen, spoke perfect English). After we’d finished an impressively large jug of local beer, we all realised how tired we actually were and headed back to the hostel. The others arrived at about midnight, but I was dead to the world.

The following day was the tournament, we came 6th out of 8 teams, and we all had an amazing day, we even managed to make a name for ourselves and make some other teams jealous by watching the final match between Copenhagen and Stockholm whilst sipping on Carlsberg, go hard or go home!



That night we met up with the other teams for some food at Riz Raz (we obviously picked well the previous night) and we then moved on to a bar/club called Hornsleth (facebook page here). The bar was… un peu bizarre shall we say, with fake blood splatter on all the walls and ceilings, a lot of profanities written in big scripture and some vulgar paintings of certain anatomical features on the toilet doors. However, it was very urban and you could tell it was a top club as most of its clientele (us included of course) were dressed to the nines, and let me tell you… Danish men are bloody beautiful! Most of us partied until 3am, when we decided we’d danced enough we headed to Burger King on the main strip (a treat for the Parisians as BK isn’t in France) and were entertained by some very drunk Danes singing ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Blurred Lines’ to us whilst we ate.


Dinner at Riz Raz both nights, deffo try the buffet!


Some of the crazy wall art in Hornsleth


All of us (bar 3) in Hornsleth

The next day we awoke without any hangovers, and we all headed out for a walking tour of Copenhagen provided by an Australian guide. I only got to do an hour, so I didn’t manage to see Tivoli (the second oldest amusement park in the world) or the Little Mermaid statue, as I had a flight to catch (it really was a brief trip), but what I did get to see of Copenhagen was lovely. Everything is exceedingly clean and new. The locals always had a smile on their faces, and I was secretly pleased every time I walked into a shop or café and was greeting with a “hej hej” (“hi hi”), because it meant they thought I was a local, being tall and blonde does that! My trip was definitely too short, and it left me wanting to come back, so I could see more of the city, but also so that I could eat another pølser (Danish hotdog) and go and see the Little Mermaid for myself!



Sorry if it’s a tad long but it as such an amazing weekend I couldn’t cut myself down too much!

Thanks for reading!

HR xo

Last week I drove up to London to stay with my friend Orla for a catch up. During the few days I spent there I got up to quite a lot of fun stuff! A night out in Camden which involved tequila, me and Orla climbing into a steel horse and a 40 minute bus ride home in the early hours of the morning with a lot of food from McDonald’s, two greasy breakfasts spent at a café in Muswell Hill, a sighting of a Kate Middleton lookalike (I will explain) and a BBQ where lots of horrific dares were fulfilled. We didn’t end up going into the centre of London as the weather was nice, so we wanted to make the most it of by being outside and not look around museums etc.

Here are some photos I want to share that summarise my trip:


Hangover cure at Broadway Cafe in Muswell Hill


Drunken tomfoolery on the tube (was an effort not to call it the métro)


Orla and me on a steel horse… not the greatest quality but you get the idea!


I bumped into Kate Middleton, sort of…

One of Orla’s friends who I met last week, Victoria, happens to look a lot like the Duchess of Cambridge. So on a few occasions we had some fun pretending I’d seen her. I sent a photo of her in Tescos to my mother who genuinely believed that I’d seen Kate Middleton and mum was angry that I’d taken a picture of her and told me “Poor girl, perhaps you shouldn’t have done that”.

Can you tell who’s who?ImageImage

It’s not exactly an inspirational blog post but I just wanted to share some of my photos!


HR xo

During my recent visit to London, my friends and I went to the infamous Primrose Bakery in Primrose Hill. Coming from a small town, where I’m not even sure there is a bakery, I was really looking forward to it, especially as my friend had told me they do gluten free cakes, so I could have a treat without having to worry about getting poorly after! Image

The little coffee shop is tucked away from prying eyes and is so cutely decorated in sugar puff colours and with a 1950s diner vibe.

ImageImageTrue to Orla’s word, there were gluten free cupcakes and I chose a rose cupcake, along with a soya mocha (they cater to all kinds of awkward dieters!) whilst my friends chose other baked goods. ImageImage

Not only was the cake delicious (gluten free is usually a bit dodgy, especially with things that are baked), but the company was also rather top notch. A woman entered with her pooch and a pram, as we all cooed at her excited Border Terrier (because he was a dead ringer for a dog I used to walk in Paris), the lady removed her sunnies to give us a warm smile and coax her dog away, only for us to realise it was none other than supermodel and wife of comedian David Walliams, Lara Stone! We were a bit starstruck!

The Primrose Bakery has two cafes, one in Primrose Hill and the other in Covent Garden. For more info check out their website.

HR xoxo