As many of you will know, I have a chronic knee injury, my knee is slowly getting stronger and stronger, but as I can’t train in the way that I used to (lots of high impact, running and plyometrics), over the last three years I have changed the way I train a lot, and part of my rehab for my knee has been to take up spinning classes. Before I moved to London I wasn’t too into them, but since coming to London and realising that the spin scene here is AMAZING, I am now becoming a spin addict!

On Thursday I attended an event to celebrate the opening of the new Another Space studio in Bank, in collaboration with Figleaves. We did a spin class with Olivia, one of my favourite Another Space teachers and oh my god it was as awesome as ever! The more I go to spin the more I love it, and my knee surgeon has been really happy with the strength progression in the muscles and tendons surrounding my knee.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out the Figleaves Anita Sports Bra, and as someone who kind of assumed I could get away with wearing yoga sports bras (little to no support) to spin, I have now realised I need to switch up my game and make sure I wear a correctly supportive and well fitted sports bra when I go to spin classes. Whilst spin is technically low impact on your joints, when you are up out of the seat a lot (like you are in classes at Another Space), you do end up with a slight high impact movement, not for the joints as the resistance of the pedals removes any real impact, but for your upper body, particularly if you do choreography in your classes that requires a lot of fast upper body movement.

So Why Should You Wear a Well Supported Bra?

Our breasts are formed of fatty tissue, and are supported by fragile ligaments, when we undergo high impact activity, the ligaments that hold our breasts in place are put under tension, causing them to stretch, due to the formation of ligaments, when they get stretched, they don’t return to their original length, and remain stretched. This, along with back pain, is one of the reasons why it’s important to keep those breasts in place with an adequate sports bra.

A survey carried out Herriot-Watt University last year showed that even breasts sized 34A need extra support during sport, this same study found evidence that wearing a sports bra can reduce breast movement by 56%!

Wearing my new Figleaves Anita Sports Bra I definitely felt more supported and I have made a vow to myself to wear a proper fitting sports bra from now on whenever I go to my spin classes! If you haven’t checked Figleaves out, you need to! I think the bras they provide are so pretty and stylish, which is super uncommon for those bras with higher support, they have SO MANY designs and colours on offer, and they go all the way up to a 54E! So there will literally be something for everyone on there, it’s truly amazing that they cater to such a wide variety of women, as opposed to just going up to a D cup like many brands that sell a sports bra (or even worse just having S, M or L as an option).

Make sure you check out Figleaves’ sports bra collection here, and if you fancy trying a spin class, make sure you go to Another Space, their new studio in Bank is so nice, the changing rooms are HUGE and you are provided with fresh towels, cleats for when you spin (so you don’t even need to bring trainers), Cowshed products in the showers (if you haven’t used this stuff before you’re in for a treat) as well as GHDs and everything else you could want whilst getting ready! Check Another Space’s webpage here.