By Sally Gets Wardrobed

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved clothes, especially new clothes. Up until a couple of years ago I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say I thought about new clothes almost every day. In the last 2 decades spent way too much of my salary and far too many hours shopping. I can recall Easter weekends spent almost entirely curating wishlists on ASOS. But somehow I also regularly had “nothing to wear”. My wardrobe was bulging with amazing pieces, mixed with mistakes bought in a state of panic and items I loved and wore to death alongside things that I only managed to wear once before the weather changed. I often tried on 3 different outfits before deciding what to wear to work and always bought something new if I had an event to go to or had to do something that scared me.


At the end of 2016 I decided to enter the world of capsule wardrobes. The decision to focus on a simpler, streamlined style coincided with starting the Mel Wells academy, which is where I met gorgeous Hannah. I think the process of learning to love myself and explore the things that light me up helped me to see that I could spend time enjoying clothes without needing to buy them all the frigging time. I also realised I use clothes to hide – my body sometimes, my lack of confidence in stressful situations often. And I use the serotonin buzz shopping brings to numb and distract when I’m feeling an emotion I don’t want to feel – sad, stressed, tired, anxious. You name it, clothes hide it.


I’ve always admired women who have a very clear sense of style. Coco Chanel in her Breton stripes, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall’s fabulous uniform, Alexa Chung and her cool nonchalance, Olivia Palermo and her sleek luxey look. So I decided to give capsule wardrobes a try. A quick google led me to Caroline Joy’s Un-Fancy blog and then to Project333. The rules vary slightly depending who you follow but basically you limit yourself to a very small number of items (usually between 30 and 40) and you wear only those items for a 3 month season. Each season you introduce a new wardrobe. Depending on how variable the weather is where you live and the volume of clothes you own you might swap out the whole lot or just a few key things at a time.


I’ve followed the process of building a capsule wardrobe every season for the last 2 years. I’ve had really successful seasons and less successful ones, but in that time I’ve become a complete convert. It’s not stopped me spending money on clothes – in fact I probably spend more on the clothes I do buy because I need them to last longer, but it has helped me in loads of ways, some of which I didn’t really expect. I’d go so far as to say it’s been life changing.


3 Ways having a capsule wardrobe has changed my life and could change yours

You free up space to focus on the things that are more important

Spending less time scrolling the Zara app and fewer days wandering around Westfield creates more time for other things. More time to do yoga, more time to spend with the people you love and more time to focus on looking after yourself.

It takes a lot less time to get dressed in the morning. And even more life changing, packing for trips is ridiculously easy. With fewer things to choose from you’d think that a feeling of panic would descend if you don’t have the perfect outfit but instead you just go with what you have, and over time you become much more aware of the things you feel are missing, and then just go out and buy them.

When you do shop it’s a completely different experience

It’s still OK to go shopping and to really love shopping. Just like any other addiction, the urge to buy things when stressed or down doesn’t entirely go away but in general shopping becomes a completely different experience. You focus on searching for the perfect pair of jeans or the perfect top in a particular colour rather than getting so overwhelmed with stuff and buying things that don’t go with anything else or look very similar to something you already own. You get to know which shops are the ones that most reflect your style and you gravitate to them first. The whole experience becomes a bit like a treasure hunt.

Capsule wardrobes also work for people who hate buying new clothes. Whilst personally I can’t understand how someone could not want to spend their Saturday on Oxford Street!! I have loads of friends who absolutely hate clothes shopping. They hate it because it brings up insecurities about their bodies – the hideous mirrors, the random sizing and the sadness that comes on when the idea you have in your head doesn’t match what you see in the mirror. Or they hate it because whilst they want to look great they can’t stand looking for clothes, they have no idea where to start and just find the whole experience really really boring. Focusing on a small number of items, centred on a key set of looks, and in a core colour palette really helps people find the pieces that will most work for them.

Spending time understanding your style helps you love yourself more

When you start focusing on what clothes make you feel and look good you stop blindly following random trends and start focusing on how your clothes can make you feel awesome. It becomes much less of a big deal if a trend comes along that doesn’t work for you. You realise it’s nothing to do with your body shape being ‘wrong’. You get less panicked about being ‘out of fashion’ because you’re focusing on owning your own style. When you find the ‘uniforms’ that work for you, you also generally feel good more often. You don’t leave the house in an outfit you later regret.

The occasions when I’ve tended to feel most self-conscious in the past weirdly now make me feel most inspired style wise. Parties, weddings, scary work occasions are now things I look forward to more because I’m developing more of a sense of what will make me feel good rather than panicking about finding an armour to hide behind.

Where to start?

There are some fantastic blogs and books on this topic but the best way to start is to just experiment. Set a total number of items goal and go with it. Be strict enough to make it a challenge but don’t be afraid to swap things in and out if your selection isn’t working and remember it’s supposed to be fun.

I could write a whole other blog about the process of building a capsule wardrobe but here are some core tips to get you started.

  1. Start with what you have. Pull everything out of your wardrobe and separate the things you love and the things you wear often from the rest. These items will form the starting point for your new style. Think about why you love them, test combining them in different ways. Throw out everything that makes you feel crap. Store everything else.
  2. Get inspired. Use Pinterest and Instagram to find people and looks that inspire you. Again, ask why – what is it about this person that gives me such a massive girl crush? What do I love about this look? Every season I create a mood board to help me focus on the overall aesthetic I’m looking for. Season by season and year by year I can see how my style is changing by the shifts in the overall mood.
  3. Find your colour palette. I’ve learnt that a capsule wardrobe works much better when you focus on a core set of colours. Things mix and match more easily and it helps as a quick way to filter when shopping. This takes a bit of time to work out, but once you understand what colours make you feel and look good the process becomes easier.
  4. Buy well. You end up wearing clothes more, which makes it more important to buy higher quality items. Many capsule wardrobe devotees focus also on sustainable brands. This seems easier in the US than the UK at the moment but times are definitely changing. It’s worth looking at the credentials of the people you’re buying from.
  5. Think about what you do in your real life not your ideal life. If you spend most of your time working from home and love hanging out in your leggings buy some gorgeous leggings and own that as part of your style. If you rarely go out to bars, you don’t need loads of clothes to wear to bars. See, simple!


Places to go if you want to know more…

Caroline Joy’s blog is a great place to start for advice on the process and gorgeous slow style inspo

Courtney Carver’s style challenge Project333 is a good place to go for more advice on this topic

The Curated Closest by Anuschka Rees is a fantastic book all about finding your style

The #whomademyclothes movement is a good place to start if you want to focus on building a sustainable wardrobe

And you can find me on Instagram @sallygetswardrobed to see my style hits, misses and moodboards

As one of my passions (aside from fitness) is fashion, I’ve decided that I will be making a few blog posts here and there with my daily outfits, to show that the sports luxe trend is completely wearable and fashionable! So here goes!


Outfit Details

  • Jacket – Missguided
  • Top – River Island
  • Leggings – Fashionablefit at
  • Shoes – Nike
  • Bag – Urban Outfitters
  • Watch – Polar

All photos are by Orla Pentelow (@orlagracefit on Instagram)

Pinterest is one of my favourite websites, I’ve spent countless hours on there pinning everything, from random motivational quotes to cocktail recipes. It really is an incredible place for inspiration, as well as creating visual boards for events (my work uses Pinterest to plan events like our New Year’s Eve party), and collating your favourite fashion looks.

I started doing Pinspiration posts in October 2013, and I love them, and other people seem to as well! So here’s my 9th Pinspiration post!

1. Bag of the week


2. Aerial shot of the week


3. Shoes of the week


4. House of the week


5. Street style of the week (Gigi Hadid)

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6. Quote of the week


7. Bed of the week


8. Doorway of the week (Marrakech, Morocco)


9. Recipe of the week (find it here)


9. Necklace of the week 


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The Met Gala is one of the highlights of the fashion calendar, and this is probably due to the fact that each year there is a theme, which its attendees are allowed to interpret how they see fit. This year’s theme was ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’. For me, the theme is clear, Chinese with an ‘beyond-reality’ twist, however, it can also be seen as a representation of the Chinese culture, looking from a Western perspective. Whatever the interpretation there were some amazing outfits showcased last night, and here are my favourites:

Poppy Delevingne - Marchesa

Poppy Delevingne – Marchesa

This dress was the first one I saw that made me think ‘wow’. Poppy Delevingne was the Queen of Poppies last night in this silk Marchesa gown, with huge 3D poppies on the top, a plunging neckline and a gorgeous full flowing skirt. Her only accessories were a gold embellished box clutch and a gold ring, these, along with her smokey eye makeup and her simple bun, allowed the dress to be the centre of attention.

Sarah Jessica Parker - H&M

Sarah Jessica Parker – H&M

She did it again, SJP also went with the poppy theme, in an H&M red and black satin dress, paired with an incredible OTT oriental headdress by Philip Treacy, she continues to better her outfits each and every year at the Met Gala.

Keri Russell - Altuzarra

Keri Russell – Altuzarra

I really love this dress! Keri Russell (The Americans star – if you haven’t seen this show, you should!) donned an emerald green Altuzarra dress with iridescent feathers on the top, another plunging neckline and scaling on the skirt, along with a thigh high slit. She looked like an ethereal eagle, and she made it work!!

Kate Hudson – Michael Kors

Kate Hudson looked elegant in an orientally inspired high neck, form fitting Michael Kors gold leaf dress, at first glance this dress seems to be very simple, but when you take a closer look you can see the intricate design of the gold pattern, love it!

Kim Kardashian West - Roberto Cavalli

Kim Kardashian West – Roberto Cavalli

Of all the ‘naked dresses’ that were worn last night, Kim K’s was my definite favourite (soz Bey). Never one to shy away from showing off her figure, Kim wore a transparent Roberto Cavalli number, encrusted with thousands of tiny crystals, intricately creating an oriental pattern, artistically covering her body. The white feather train is arguably my favourite element, and I think it’s probably a very literal interpretation of the ‘through the looking glass’ theme.

Kendall Jenner - Calvin Klein

Kendall Jenner – Calvin Klein

One of the plainer dresses, Kendall shows that it can be the art of simplicity that gives you the wow factor. This jade green dress was figure hugging, with a traditional oriental high neck, but with a twist, the twist being the cut out side, showing off a tiny bit of side boob, giving a classy, yet sexy twist on the theme.

Gigi Hadid - Diane Von Furstenberg

Gigi Hadid – Diane Von Furstenberg

Gigi Hadid’s dress may not have been very daring, but I really fell for it. I love the simplicity of it, and the floral detailing on the top half (perhaps red peonies to tie the dress to the Chinese theme?). The deep V neckline was a popular choice last night, and I think Gigi looks absolutely stunning. gallery-1430789231-472174912

Rihanna - Guo Pei

Rihanna – Guo Pei

I saved the best for last. Rihanna absolutely stole the show last night in this imperial yellow cloak (it’s not a dress people). Created by Chinese couture designer Guo Pei, and apparently taking two years to make, this outfit was a show stopper. Combined with her golden headdress and pale golden heels, Rihanna looked absolutely amazing, almost like she could have transformed into a golden scaled dragon at any minute, proving once again that she is a true Princess of China. What inspiration should we be taking from these outfits? Having seen all the outfits last night, I think that some key trends are definitely emerging for the coming season. For me, some of the biggest things coming to both high fashion lines, as well as the high street are: the colour red, florals, high necklines as well as very deep neck lines. HR xx

Today I have been missing my home town a lot, the city life can be great but there’s nothing like driving five minutes down the road and being at the beach, especially when I know that the weather is Devon is amazing right now. So I have been trawling Pinterest this afternoon and pinning a whole lot of beachy pins, so here are my top 10 beach pins!

1. Beach of the week


2. Beach villa of the week


3. Beachy hair of the week


4. Beach wedding of the week


5. Beach holiday destination of the week (The Gili Islands, Indo)


6. Beach inspired bedroom of the week


7. Swimsuit of the week 


8. Birdseye shot of the week


9. Dive of the week
I got my brand new dive watches at, ready steady go!


10. Palmtree shot of the week


I hope all these pins have made you as happy and as ready for summer as they made me!

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